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We help you solve your security problems! 

We are a Stockholm-based consulting firm that specializes in information and cyber security. With over 20 years of experience, we offer security management and IT expertise. Let us guide you with our knowledge, processes and tools! We are SUA approved and all our consultants have passed security and background checks.

Today, if you want to sell your products or services to other companies, you usually need to become ISO certified or meet other current standards. Figuring out how to apply all these rules to your own business can be tricky. But that's where we come into the picture - when you need us!

Dekor - kollegor

Compliance as a service


We oversees information security, implements protective measures, and ensures compliance with regulations and standards. 

Internal audit

Internal audit is a process that evaluates and improves an organization's operations to ensure they meet objectives effectively. 

Project management

We can help you with planning, organizing, and overseeing tasks and resources to achieve specific goals within a defined timeframe and budget. 

Templates & Tool

We will give you access to all our tools and templates to make your work easier.

Your one stop shop for information, cyber, IT-security and regulatory compliance.

So, who is our customer? If you need to implement ISO or other standards but lack internal expertise, then you call us. 


We can assist you regardless of where you are in the process. Instead of hiring a security chief, we can step in when you need one, providing a dependable support system.  


Our extensive and well-documented experience has granted us valuable insights, which we at BlueTeam Compliance are eager to share with you. 

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